Monday, March 30, 2009

Kayla Turns One! and Nikki goes to Preference!

Saturday, March 28th was Kayla's first birthday. It was such a fun day, playing at the park. She's such a little doll, with her big smile. Although she wouldn't look at the camera, her profile is adorable!

She is definately a Mommies girl. I thought this picture was priceless.

Kylie had fun playing on all of the playground equipment. She has no fear and wants to try everything, by herself. She is undisputedly "Grandma's girl" just ask her!

"B is for Bubble" It was fun till they spilled out on to the grass.

This park is fun for the big kids too. Becca, Devon and Mike had a little too much fun.

Kylie had to take a spin,

Nikki before she left to pick up her date for Preference, of course she was beautiful.

Nikki and her date Spencer

Part of the group for Preference.