Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Had A White Christmas!

I thought the tree was especially pretty this year. I set a goal to not get stressed and caught up in the last minute rush. What can I say, I tried and was successful to a degree. It was a fun day.

Even though it melted before noon, we woke up to enough snow to make the ground white, it was exciting considering we live in the desert and was a contrast to the smoltering summers we get. We are hoping that we have a few more days of this white stuff this Winter.

Becca and her friend Devon were very serious about getting Becca's new toaster oven working. Too funny!

Hanna got dress up princess clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Nebeker. She loved the high heels the best, they made alot of noise on the wood floors, very loud!

This is Oreo, Nikki's friend Jeff was sweet enough to give her a kitten for Christmas. Hmmm, no comment! He's a cute kitty, the grandkids love him and he follows Nikki everywhere.

My Grandkids Are Cuter Than Yours!

It's not easy to get all the kids together. I was determined to get pictures of the Grandkids this Christmas. I had no luck finding anyone who would be able to take them so with the help of Scott and Tyler we set up a makeshift photo studio in my dining room. Scott took the pictures, Tyler helped me with the backdrops and I did the posing. It was a blast, me and all the parents screamed and shook toys to get the kids to smile. The poor kids probably thought we were all crazy. I am proud that we were able to get quite a few really good photos. I seriously think maybe I'll just take all the pictures in the future. Check them out!

All four - Kylie, Tanner, Kayla and Hanna. Tanner did an awesome job considering Hanna was sitting on him.

I am speechless, they are so dang cute!

We had so many people yelling at them to smile, poor kids didn't know where to look.

I am sure that these girls are having an important conversation, looks like something very serious.

We needed all the help we could get keeping these girls looking picture perfect. Mike helped hang on to them.

The sweetness! These are the best ever!

Tanner and Kylie are the best of friends, when one of them walks into the room the other goes crazy. Often the shrills of joy get a little loud! I love this picture of Tanner giving Kylie a kiss. She loves it, aww so sweet!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Weather Outside was Frightful!

A true Winter Wonderland! We had a couple of days of beautiful white glistening snow. It was great while it lasted but melted way too fast.
We are dreaming of a "White Christmas"

This silhouette is Nikki trying to catch a snowflake on her tougue. I think she actually did it!

Our friend Frosty, the poor guy was missing his eyes and mouth the next morning.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Greatest Blessings call me Grandma!

We visited Scott and Jaimie last weekend. We all went to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was awesome! I love this picture of Hanna and Scott. She's got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. Come to think about it, she's got her Grandma Neb wrapped too.

Look at that beautiful face, makes you want to just melt! Unfortunantely I didn't get any good pictures of Tanner, darn, maybe next time.

Kylie and Grandpa. She had a blast playing in the leaves. Good thing our neighbor has a big tree with lots of leaves. Urghhhhh

She was laughing so hard, Craig suggested that we don't clean up the leaves so she'll have them to play in. I don't think so!

She is such a poser! She loves the camera.

I love this picture. That's my Kylie!

Kayla - Get a load of those beautiful big brown eyes.

And her big smile!

This is thanksgiving, Kylie is such an awesome big sister. They looked so cute with their matching outfits and hairbands.

Another Kylie pose.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyler!

On November 30th Tyler turned 19! He's such a fun person, he always makes his Mom smile. Wouldn't it be cool if you could go back in time and give the little kindergarten kid a big hug and kiss again. It's hard to believe how fast time goes.

All ready for his first formal dance. He's so handsome!

On the way up the Materhorn at Disneyland. Nikki looks a little nervous, especially with Tyler joking and screaming the whole time.

So happy to have his own car.

Okay he is gonna hate this picture. He was on his way to youth conference. It was a pioneer trek. He was a good sport. I think he looks more like a plig than a pioneer. Too funny!

I want this kid back! Where did he go?

This is the kindergarten kid I mentioned at the top of this post. Can you blame me? I want one of those sweet hugs and kisses again!