Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you Gail for the Strawberry Pie!

My sister in-law Gail came to visit Saturday. She knows my favorite, Strawberry Pie. Could anything be better than fresh strawberries covered with a sugary, sweet glaze sitting in a flaky, pastry crust? NO! I shared it but seriously, I could have eaten the entire thing myself. Thank you Gail for bringing ME a strawberry pie. It's gone now, oh the sadness, how its memory lingers in my mind. I am sorry to those that are reading this. I didn't save you a piece, but here enjoy these pictures. :)

Our special visitors! Fun, Fun!

The second week of March was extra awesome. We had special visitors, their names are Jaimie, Tanner and Hanna. Jaimie drove to St George from Magna to attend her sisters wedding. It was a bonus for us because we got to take the kids off her hands. We popped popcorn, fed the ducks, went to the spinny park, went to McDonalds, blew bubbles, drew pretty pictures with sidewalk chalk, went shopping, watched movies, made cookies and bought ice cream cones. Wow that is alot to cram into a few days but it was so fun. Tanner and Hanna are so well behaved and polite. Scott and Jaimie are such wonderful parents, I'm so proud.

Tanner had a blast spinning Devon around and around, faster and faster!

Hanna was making us dinner from rocks and bubbles. Yum, doesn't it sound delicious? She was so serious about it. This girl is so dang smart and adorable.

This little girl had absolutely no fear when it came to the BIG slide, grandma however was scared to death seeing her look over the edge to wave a big hello. "Hurry and come down Hanna," NOW! Aww, I'm no fun at all. She even laid face first and slid down on her tummy.

A little chillaxing time for Tanner. He found the perfect spot to rest and relax, smarty pants.

Just get a load of that amazing boy tackle that rope bridge.

Just one more adorable picture of Hanna. Can't get enough of them can you? I know I can't.

We have an antique piano that's been stored in our garage. Tanner had fun playing some tunes on it. He wasn't too excited to realize he had an audience.

This is the only picture I took that had Jaimie in it. I love it, the cute connection between Hanna and her Mommy is precious. Tyler's in the background doing some last minute checking before he took Craig's truck on a weekend trip to Salt Lake

Some serious chalk art

Nikki will love that I posted this picture

This little girl will melt your heart, seriously!

Some think that pearls and diamonds
Are treasures to obtain
Some think that cars and money
Will give us joy again
But those of us who know the joy
Of Grandchildren at our side
Will know that all else pales
When we reach that lovely ride
That takes us on to wrinkles
And streaks of grey upon our head
We wouldn't have a million
We'd take hugs instead
Enjoy the waning days
That bring us so much joy
And clutch unto your bosom
That precious girl or boy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

For years I have had sort of a little mini movie play over and over in my head when I am down, feel desparate or alone. This may seem weird to you but stay with me.

Try to see yourself with a big shovel and you're digging a hole. You spend most of your life digging and the hole gets deeper and deeper. Until finally if you stand on the edge you can't see the bottom. So you throw down the shovel, take a deep breath, smile, and willingly jump in. At first it's fun to be sitting in the dark and feel the cool air blow on your face, it's silent and peaceful.

Then all at once you realize that you hate it and you start the huge task of climbing out. You dig your hands into the side of the hole trying to grip onto a rock or a root or anything that will help you get out. You climb a couple of feet and then the dirt works loose and you fall to the bottom, over and over you make a little bit of progress just to fall back to the bottom. Your face is covered with dirt, your hands start to bleed, your tired, hungry and thirsty. You spend days, weeks, months, years trying over and over to climb out, you never give up! After a while from all of your effort, the sides of the hole aren't smooth like they were at first. The sides start to harden and through all of your grabbing and pulling of the dirt steps are forming. The steps are large enough for a foot. You start climbing up the side carefully placing your feet on a step while grabbing the next with your hand. Every so often you slip and fall but not to the very bottom. Eventually you are able to see light, you stop to catch your breath and keep going. Soon you can hear people yelling and as you get closer you realize they are calling your name or just calling Mom. After what seems to be years of climbing you get close enough to the top to realize that you recognize the voices calling your name. This gives you hope and faith that you will finally make it to the top but you are so tired. Climbing and climbing you can finally feel the sun on your head. You are so tired and want to just give up, but the voices won't let you. The sun is so bright you look up to see how far you have to go, as you shield you eyes from the sun you can see hands, lots of hands, they are all reaching down. One hand reaches further than the others and wraps it's fingers around your wrist. With this firm hand pulling you are finally out of the hole. It's bright, warm, happy, everything you've always wanted. You didn't give up, you made it out!

I've thought about this often in the past years. Life happens, we all have challenges, trials, things to overcome. No one knows what our future will be, one can only do the best they can. That's the secret, to keep doing your best, it may not make things easier, or make bad things not happen but I think you'll have the strength to handle it and continue on.