Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you Gail for the Strawberry Pie!

My sister in-law Gail came to visit Saturday. She knows my favorite, Strawberry Pie. Could anything be better than fresh strawberries covered with a sugary, sweet glaze sitting in a flaky, pastry crust? NO! I shared it but seriously, I could have eaten the entire thing myself. Thank you Gail for bringing ME a strawberry pie. It's gone now, oh the sadness, how its memory lingers in my mind. I am sorry to those that are reading this. I didn't save you a piece, but here enjoy these pictures. :)


  1. Now I really want a piece! That looks like the perfect breakfast to me ;)

  2. ok, I love love love strawberry pie. Were you a good girl to have gotten a pie? Was it home made? That looks incredible and delicious!

  3. Oh man that looks good! The picture with the whipped cream really got me. Now I want some.