Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Had A White Christmas!

I thought the tree was especially pretty this year. I set a goal to not get stressed and caught up in the last minute rush. What can I say, I tried and was successful to a degree. It was a fun day.

Even though it melted before noon, we woke up to enough snow to make the ground white, it was exciting considering we live in the desert and was a contrast to the smoltering summers we get. We are hoping that we have a few more days of this white stuff this Winter.

Becca and her friend Devon were very serious about getting Becca's new toaster oven working. Too funny!

Hanna got dress up princess clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Nebeker. She loved the high heels the best, they made alot of noise on the wood floors, very loud!

This is Oreo, Nikki's friend Jeff was sweet enough to give her a kitten for Christmas. Hmmm, no comment! He's a cute kitty, the grandkids love him and he follows Nikki everywhere.

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