Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Dinosaur Museum and grocery store pumpkins.

Last weekend we were able to go visit Scott and Jaimie and the grandkids! We had so much fun. The plan was to go to the pumpkin patch and get pumpkins but the weather didn't cooperate. It rained all day. We ended up getting pumpkins from the grocery store but Tanner and Hanna didn't mind. What good sports!

We had to stop on the way to pick up Nikki she had a race in Cedar City. Her friend Cory from Mapleton was there, Craig had to stick his face into the picture. I thought it was cute.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum. We watched a 3D movie about dinosaurs. Doesn't Jaimie and Hanna look classy in their glasses. Hanna kept them on for the entire movie.

Tyler also kept his glasses on for the entire movie ha,ha. It was fun.

This shark looked so real coming out of the wall. Scott and Tyler couldn't resist being goofy for the camera.

Waiting for the movie to start. Hanna loved the popcorn.

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