Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun! Fun! Playing in the Sprinklers!

It started out innocent enough. After dinner the girls and I went outside to play and water the flowers. Kylie kept asking for the rainbow (I spray the hose up in the air into an arch). What can I say, I couldn't resist, afterall the weather was warm enough. It was so much fun!

Kylie was so proud of her hand and footprints on the sidewalk.

That water can was a little too heavy for Kayla, it was a good try though. The more wet she got the bigger her cute little outfit was. She didn't seem to mind!

Here Kayla is sitting in the back of a toy dump truck. She planted herself there and the sprinkler kept going back and forth soaking her.

Two words come to my mind looking at the joy on Kylies face. Pure Bliss!

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