Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween was a blast! Mike and Tammy brought the girls over around 4:00 PM. We made homemade pizza and I have to brag that it was awesome! I made the dough and Kylie helped roll it into circle shapes. I am sad to say I didn't get any pictures of her rolling the dough, I was busy trying to keep the flour under control. After the dough was ready we smeared on the sauce and pepperoni and lots of cheese. They were delicious!

Then it was time to go trick or treating.

Kylie was Cinderella and Kayla was the Little Mermaid. They got the hang of the whole trick or treat thing fast and had fun. I think Kayla enjoyed playing with the flashlight Grandpa bought more than the candy she recieved.
One older teenage boy in our neighborhood dressed up like Santa. Kylie has a fear of Santa and wouldn't go near him or go to a door for candy if he was near it. Although it was very creative, I wouldn't recommend dressing your kid up like Santa, all the other little kids kept saying "Hi Santa" it was funny. I felt a little sorry for him.

Kylie checking out her goodies. She was pretty satified with her assortment of sugar. she is such a doll and so much fun!

Kayla doesn't take a bad picture. Such a beautiful baby!

Sidewalks full of Trick or Treaters,
Lots of little candy eaters,
In their costumes having fun,
Halloween's for everyone.
From door to door the bells are ringing
Knockers, knocking, voices singing,
Children, the old and in between
Celebrating Halloween.


  1. Oh I have cute kids! Thanks for letting us all spend so much time with you, the girls are obsessed with Grandma! Hey I'll email you the pictures I took of us making the pizza if you want. They're also on my blog incase you haven't seen them yet.

  2. what a darling poem you wrote! you are getting to be so clever! Cute pics of those darling grand babies my friend!

  3. Those grandkids are SO cute. You are a lucky grandma!