Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scott will always be a hero!

In October of 2003 Scott donated a kidney to Craig. His local newpaper put this article on the front page. Scott and Mike both stepped up without hesitation to be the donor. After each son negociated with each other and neither of them was willing to back down, the decision was made by a coin toss. Scott was the winner. With the support of a wonderful wife, Jaimie, Scott genorously gave his Dad the gift of life. Scott is a true hero!

It's common knowledge that I have the cutest grandkids, just ask me. We took Hanna and Tanner to Liberty Park and the Aviary. Hanna loved looking at the birds, Tanner was much more interested in the kiddy rides in the park. Hanna also enjoyed the chocolate ice cream cone a little too much.

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