Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott!

Today September 14th, is Scott's birthday. He's 26, I want to cry, time goes so fast.
The picture above was in Idaho the day before we said goodbye as we took him to report to the Air Force. It was a hard day for all of us. it was a week after 9/11.

Both the Johnsons and the Nebekers were invited to be with Scott as he purposed to Jaimie at the St. George Temple grounds, it was so awesome!

Scott was such a beautiful baby boy. He was born at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, Ca.

Enjoying his first birthday cake, chocolate of course!

The Bumble Bees, mom was the coach. Scott of course is the favorite player

A trip to Disneyland, hey wait, I am the only one that thinks this looks like Hanna?

Scott the gangsta dude. Dang I have cute kids! This Halloween was in 1995.

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