Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our 'Three Hour Getaway'

Craig and I decided it was time to go on a date. We have a favorite place to go "our place". Springdale, Utah right outside of Zion National Park. Plenty of time to people watch, sit and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and count our blessings. Don't you just love the pictures your kids take of themselves while they are obviously holding their camera in front of their face? Well I was determined to get one of those shots of the two of us. Pretty good uh?

We parked and walked a short distance to the river. It was so pretty!

Here's a couple more of those pictures. We were laughing so hard, this man asked us if we wanted his help and that he'd take our picture. I said,
"No thanks, we were doing it this way on purpose."

Woops! Of course Craig had to close his eyes.
It was so fun to getaway with my best friend.

A gentle touch, a morning hug, breakfast made to share...
A knowing kiss, a quick phone call just to say you care...
Romantic meals by candlelight, early evening walks,
Snuggles by the fireplace, quiet late-night talks...
Simple pleasures every day--little bits of life
Are golden moments cherished bya husband and a wife.


  1. What a fun post! It's so nice to see you guys enjoying each others company. What a good reminder that we all need to take a little time out for for a date now and then.

  2. Thanks Judy for letting me know when you update your blog. It has been fun seeing you and Craig after all these years. I love the family pics and posts too. What a beautiful family you have. My Julie is ALWAYS taking upclose pics of her and Jared. Too funny!
    Yours look great too. Thanks again.
    Love, Sherrie

  3. oh my gosh you little poet! This was a beautiful post. I have had so much reading and catching up to do. I loved your ending. It is so true. We are blessed to have such good men in our lives...