Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A lesson learned!

Last Thursday as I was leaving for work. The 10 foot walk to my car from my front door seemed so far. It was gray and cold, did I mention cold? I was so disappointed as I layed eyes on my windshield and noted the glistening frost that would need scraping. I didn't notice until I was digging through my purse for my trusty scrape credit card, that the culdesac we live in seemed unusually quiet. Not a sound, it was somewhat eery. Then it caught the corner of my eye, as I looked up a huge bird was soaring across the sky. It was so close it almost brushed against the roof of my house. It was silent, so silent. Then without a warning it stretched its wings and took a couple of strong flaps. I could not move, I was breathless. It was beautiful. I stood still and watched as it circled my view as if to say hello and slowly flew out of sight. I studied it's body, wings, face, trying to take a mental picture. This guy was so big and graceful. In searching the internet I have discovered that my friend was a Brown Pelican. I know what you're saying, "There aren't any pelicans in Southern Utah". Trust me, there is, at least one......

I have always had a facination with birds, especially big ones. There is something so powerful and majestic about them.

One day years ago while driving down a highway in the early morning hours I spotted a Bald Eagle perched on an old dead tree next to the road. I was blown away at the size and beauty of this bird. Luckily I am always prepared and had a camera in the car. I quickly pulled to the side of the road, stopped the car and flew out with my camera in hand. I was shaking with excitement to be so close to this creature. He had his back to me and just at the right time would turn his head and glare at me, I smiled and thought, he must like me, he's posing. Click, click, I couldn't believe I was getting these wonderful shots. All at once he had enough of me and spread his wings out and with a swoop he was flying away. I kept my eye on him, I wasn't done with my photo opportunity yet. I could see a tiny white speck against the mountain a few miles away. It couldn't be that far, so I started my walk. Hiking over rocks and through trees keeping my eyes on that white speck. After hiking for over an hour I could see my friend. Quietly I snuck up on him. He seemed to be sleeping, all at once he turned and looked right at me, Click, click again I was getting the most awesome shots with my camera. Then as quickly as the first time, he spread his wings and swoop he was gone. What an experience. I was so excited to get these pictures developed and do some serious bragging. (this was before digital camera's) I rushed home, I couldn't wait to share my experience. I expected that there would be some that wouldn't believe my story, but I had proof, the pictures I'd taken. I set the camera on the table, watching it closely, I didn't want anything to happen to my prized photos. Now is where one of my greatest lessons was learned. As I opened the camera to retrieve the film....NO FILM! Oh it was tragic. I will never forget the thrill I had one cold morning years ago, as I stalked that Bald Eagle. The pictures are still and will always be in my mind.

...and I am thankful for digital!


  1. ok I have to say.........this is your best work yet! Beautifully written. It totally drew me in and I couldn't stop reading! LOVED IT!

  2. Wow Mom! Quite the writer you are! Keep 'em coming! I loved this story and even though I've heard it before I was still sad at the end about the film, haha!

  3. I know that feeling. When you think you've captured something to share but alas it only in your memory and heart. I sure hope God is videotaping all this, lol...

  4. I know that feeling. When you think you've captured something to share but alas it only in your memory and heart. I sure hope God is videotaping all this, lol...