Monday, September 13, 2010

GO Red Flash!

Doesn't Kylie look awesome in her soccer uniform? The name of her team is The Red Flash. When Nikki asked Kylie what the name of her team was she simply said, "The Red Team." She is adorable, in fact so adorable that we'll forgive her for not wanting to play in the game. She was a little sick and was content to sit on her Mommy and her Grandma's (that would be me) lap and watch her team play and WIN! Although at this age there is no score, everyone is a winner, yea right. Can't wait for the next game, to see her run around and kick the ball.

For years my entire world revolved around soccer. All five of my kids played, and were of course very good. I rarely had a Saturday free of frantically looking for a missing cleat or shinguard. We'd hurry out the door and drive to the field just in time. Craig was always a coach or referee. I was the team Mom and had my oranges all sliced and ready.

I can't recall how many times I have driven past the local soccer fields and felt an overwhelming feeling of envy as I'd see the Moms sitting in their chairs watching their cuties wearing over sized shirts and matching shorts run around the field fighting for the ball. I miss watching my own cuties, not so sure they'd want to be called cuties (sorry kids, I'm having a Mom moment here.) I never understood the Mom's that would come to the game, set up their chair and whip out a book to read. Didn't they know what they were missing? I did, I'd watch every step my kids made and delight in every connection they would make with the ball and yell and scream the most embarrassing things. That's right, I'm a screamer, I was one of those parents. The kind that get so caught up in the moment that they lose all self control, like this is their chance to just scream their head off and it will be perfectly acceptable. Then on the way home try to recount if they'd offended anyone or made anyone feel bad. Awe, the joy of it. The point is that I miss those soccer days! I am so thankful for grandchildren and a second chance to enjoy what I love the most, watching my kids play. For the grand kids I will try to be quiet and watch.

Hanna is beautiful, her soccer days are coming in a couple of years.

Tanner is playing this year as well. I'll post on him next.


  1. "For the grand kids I will try to be quiet and watch" Really Mom? Are you sure about this? Those soccer memories were the best. I really hope to be half as good as you and Dad were at being involved and good rooters for my kids. :)

  2. ahh! that is so funny, I have come home from Owen's and Kyler's games with no voice because I was the only woman yelling, like good thing ya know! (go getem and run, run, kick it! YEAAAHHH) and then there are the lawn chair moms....UGH! while I am running up and down the field annoying the coach...yeah I have also gotten the shut-up lady glares....LOL all in the love of sports! Great job my friend. LOVED LOVED this post!

  3. She looks so adorable! I love the pictures! :-)

  4. My girl is so CUTE!! I love the pictures! Please share with me!!! I hope she plays this Saturday, it would be a lot more enjoyable to cheer for her team if she was actually on the field! Can't wait to see the pictures you took of Tanner! My kids are so lucky to have such an awesome Grandma!

  5. Judith Knee-becker, you make me laugh. You can't stay quiet, it's gentetic, even I have the problem. Don't try to kid yourself. Anywho, I feel your pain in a slightly different way. Good luck!