Monday, September 20, 2010

Going Home for a Bike Ride!

My friend Debbie and I took a roadtrip with our bikes to Newport Beach, California. We had been planning this trip for months. Our goal for the trip was to ride our bikes at the beach. Ride we did, lots. Saturday we rode the Back Bay trail about 20 miles. Sunday was a cool, fogging, drizzly ride from Newport Pier to The Wedge. It was extra fun for me since that is where I grew up. It's funny how as a kid I took the ocean for granted. I had no idea it was home or one of my best friends and how I'd miss it so much. I wonder if that's how my kids will feel about mountains or red dirt someday. Below are some pictures I took while visiting my home!
The waves were huge at The Wedge! These pictures don't show any comparison to their size. There is something awesome about the sound of a huge wave pounding on the ground. I was in heaven just sitting there watching them. These pictures do however show how foggy it was.

The Back Bay trail

Debbie enjoying the view.
We woke up to this, my car is the red one with the bikes. I have no idea how this guy got out of his truck. Seriously, his mirror was an inch from mine, I had to take a picture of it and share.

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