Wednesday, May 11, 2016


This is  eight years ago.  I wanted a pool so bad so we purchased a nice above ground one. Craig, Becca, Nicole, Tyler and I worked so hard leveling a place to put it in the yard.  It wasn't fun at all, carrying blocks and hauling in dirt. We would start early and end late.  When it was done, it was like paradise for me.  As I think back on the experience I have a lump in my throat as I realize this was all for me.  I will never be able to explain my excitement of filling that thing with water for the first time.  I imagined pool parties and summer barbecues.  I loved it.  I would go out and just float and soak up the sunshine every chance I got.  

It brought back memories of my backyard when I was a young girl.  My Dad put up a pool in the backyard. He encircled it by a wood deck.  We truly had the best backyard in our entire 'College Park' tract.  He was clever and dug the center a little deeper so we had our deep end. My sisters and I would spend entire days swimming and playing games in that pool.  Marco Polo became a real nuisance for my Mom.  Fetching pennies and making whirlpools were also our favorites.  

This picture brings back memories of such fun times.  This is Kylie, she would climb in, always a little nervous and cling to me. She trusted me and I wouldn't let her go. I taught her to blow bubbles under the water this day.  

My pool got old, worn out and needed to go, It's going to be Summer soon and where I live it gets hot.  I can replace the pool but not the memories.  I will cherish my pool time with my sisters in our youth and always remember that I could hold my breath the longest.  I will also always cherish my pool time with my dear Grand daughter.  Love you Kylie!

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