Monday, May 23, 2016


Have you noticed how many different kinds of speed bumps there are?  The long, gentle ones that barely slow you down and you hardly even notice or the high steep ones that shake your car no matter how slow you ease over them.  What about the ones that are one right after another, like 5 in a row.  Could there be anything more annoying?  Do they really serve a purpose?

I was thinking today how life has speed bumps.  They come in all shapes and sizes. Life speed bumps could be financial problems, poor health, relationship issues, spiritual or a loss of faith.  We all have them.  Usually when we find life is going smooth then BAM, we turn down the wrong road or get on the wrong path and we hit a bump that shakes us up.  Sometimes they are the smooth ones and take very little effort to get over and sometimes they are the kind that make us unsettled, irritable and hopeless.  Sometimes they are brought on by ourselves and sometimes there is no one to blame.

I've experienced a few of these life bumps in the road.  Honestly, some have been brought on by myself, but most are no my fault, "it's just life".  One thing is for sure, I've learned a lot from these bumps.  I try to enjoy and feel thankful for the smooth time in between.  I try to appreciate the peace that comes from a smooth road in between.

Speed bumps are put there to slow you down, to protect you and those around you.  Hmm..I guess the bumps in life could be compared to that.  I do know out of the toughest bumps I've had, God has been there to help me through it.  Sometimes I am stubborn and try to steer my way through things without any help.  I've learned that I need to ask for help and when I do he is there with both arms open eager to help.  Keep the faith my family and friends.  Proceed over the speed bumps with care knowing that they won't last forever and you have a Heavenly Father that loves you and is waiting to help you.  Just ask and he will be there.  Love you all!

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