Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Blogging was such a good thing for me, it made me happy.  I don't know exactly why I stopped. Lazy pops into my brain, then I push it out.  I don't have an excuse but I will start over. 

So this is pretty awesome.  Yep, Nikki is preggo.  Little Leo will make an entrance sometime before the end of July.  Isn't he precious!  I can't believe the amazing images ultra-sounds can make these days.  I remember when ultra-sounds were thought to be dangerous.  haha.  I may of just aged myself a bit.  

  Craig and I got to travel to Loveland, Colorado last weekend to be with Kayla on her special day.  

I love this beautiful browned eyed girl!  Eight is great!

This Friday, Craig and I will be on the road to my sister Carol's house.  We'll be going to Tanner's baseball game and her husband Fred's Birthday Bash.  Expect alot of pictures.  


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