Friday, September 9, 2016


My oldest sister, Debbie, is in trouble.  She had a stroke and may not recover. 

Above - Carol, Debbie, Me 

Although we haven't been close as adults, I love her. She bore the burden of being the oldest of seven children. I am sure that was not easy.  I am sure there were many expectations placed on her, being the first born to our then, teenage parents.  She took me to church, bought me school clothes, taught me about love and patience and made me feel safe.  

"My sister shares a part of me
that no one else shall ever see.
And when the days and miles divide us...
the bond we have will live inside us.
Together sharing dreams, love and laughter
My sister for always, my friend...forever after."

"Close to my heart, you'll always be.
Friends forever, My sister and me.

Below - Don't want to leave my beautiful and youngest sister, Nancy, out.  She was born way after the picture above was taken.



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