Friday, June 17, 2016


I love technology because it keeps me in touch with the people I love.  I had a conversation via Hangouts with my Granddaughter Kylie last night.  We talked about her day, her thoughts, her friends.  She shared that she was having some drama with a couple of her friends.  I tried to give her some Grandma advice. She's a smart and beautiful ten year old girl. I hope she always shares her day with me. I asked her if she would write me a story for my blog.  She is my 'guest blogger' for today!

Below is her story -

I was just finishing lunch still soaking wet from the splash pads waterfall when I heard my friend Megan ask her Mom if she could go down the lake with someone, but I was the only one finished so I decided to go to the lake with her.  We stated running down the hill when my Mom shouted, "Remember, listen to the Holy Spirit".  We both agreed and started going down the hill right before my sist, Kayla came and tagged along.  My friend, Megan, got a little scared by the weeds tickling at our feet so I blocked the weeds in her way.  When we reached the sidewalk we saw a sign that said, "warning rattle snakes downhill!"  Megan was already scared enough!  But soon as we were standing still I remembered that my Mom said before we left, listen to the Holy Spirit.  So I told Kayla and Megan that the Holy Spirit will protect us and he did so and..... Our luck turned up finally.  We met a dog named Scruffy and tried catching fish!  I love that I choose to go to church!!!

-Kylie Nebeker

Thanks Kylie, your story is awesome and so are you!

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  1. SO SWEET grand kids are the best! Kylie if you are reading this you are a very smart little girl, you take after your grandma Judy, it is always good you listen to the spirit with your heart and listen to your grandma with your ears!