Monday, June 13, 2016


I remember one on my children years ago asking me why God lets bad things happen.  After some thought I said the obvious response for me, “It’s gives people the opportunity to do good”.  I love the Mr. Rogers quote that has floated around social media about his mother telling him to “look for the helpers”.  

I like to keep things light and avoid posting opinions on my blog, but with yesterday’s events I was touched and needed to share.  Besides, it’s MY blog after all.

As I awoke yesterday morning and began seeing and hearing the horrific news of the incident at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando I was horrified. I don’t understand the mental illness that makes a person take the life of another person or in this case more than fifty people. 

I found myself especially torn by an interview of a mother trying to find her son. You may have seen that video. I can’t and don’t want to imagine the excruciating pain that mother must be going through. I admit I cried when I watched her. 

I won’t discuss LGBT issues and/or gun control for that matter.  In spite of our differences we are all humans and tasked with the labor to love one another. Let’s be honest in saying that some are just better at it than others.

As I watched the news, I couldn’t help but notice the helpers.  People were carrying the injured to safety, using their shirts to make tourniquets, praying for and comforting each other, standing in lines for hours to donate blood, one man gave a “bear hug” putting pressure on an injured man in the back of a truck as he was rushed to a hospital, saving the man’s life.  Some without a thought put their own safety in harm’s way to rescue another.  I was inspired to see the natural amount of human sacrifice that was given to aid those that needed it most.  I am amazed that in the face of the most horrible and evil circumstances a huge portion of the human race becomes helpers.
For all those reading this that are now living with an elevated level of fear, I encourage you to see past the ugliness and look for the helpers.  Stay focused…There is so much good in the world.
I believe when we leave this world we go to a better place.  We are welcomed with open arms by a loving Heavenly Father and by loved ones that have gone before.  I can imagine the reunions that took place in heaven for those fifty plus that were rescued from this mortality. 

Let’s challenge ourselves to be helpers to those that are healing in hospitals or struggling with the loss of a loved one.  Opportunities are everywhere, every day to show love to someone that needs it.  Let’s look out for each other, be positive and have hope.  Let’s keep our judgments to ourselves and look in the mirror more often.
Love and Peace -

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