Friday, June 3, 2016


Last weekend I finally made it to my HAPPY PLACE!   If you know me you'll have a good idea what that means.  If you don't know me that well, let me just say that my happy place includes a lot of sand and salt water. When I was young, my sister and/or friends and I would grab our beach essentials and head to the bus stop on Harbor Blvd. and Wilson St. in Costa Mesa, Ca. and pay a quarter for a ride to Newport.  We would slather on the baby oil and lay there all day.  I was blessed to grow up close to the beach, I love it and since I've moved 6 hours away I miss it everyday.

I took a lot of pictures. The first day we went to the Newport Pier. There were lots of people fishing from the end of the pier.  They had their lines rigged with five hooks each. It was fun to watch them reel in multiple fish at the same time.  A little girl fishing next to where I was standing squealed with delight when she felt that hard tug on her line.  Her Dad shouted to her to reel it in fast.  Little did I know that there were sea lions waiting for the lines to come out of the water so they could snag the catch.  Those lazy sea lions.  I clicked away at my camera, I knew I was getting amazing shots and couldn't wait to download the pictures.  Now for the duh moment........wait for it........I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED ALL OF THE PHOTOS I took.  Heartbroken and shamed, I admit I have never done that before.  There is a first time for everything.  Dang it.  The next day we went to Crystal Cove.  It was beautiful, calming and surprisingly not crowded.  Below is the picture overload taken at Crystal Cove.

Everyone needs a 'Happy Place'.  I highly recommend you find yours and get there.  Take a lot of pictures and whatever you do don't delete them!

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